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What is Reliable Weight Loss Programme?

A credible and reliable weight-loss programme should not be based on dieting and counting calories. Dieting and controlling calorie intake might work for a while, but do people really want to count calories every time they eat in order to maintain their ideal body weight? It takes the joy of eating away and becomes a very boring task to do every day. Eating should be an enjoyable experience every time no matter how overweight you are, if only you followed a proper weight management programme.

It should not also be based on meal replacement or food supplements. People use food supplements for many reasons one of which could be for weight loss purposes. Although meal replacement or food supplements could work temporarily, they can potentially be very dangerous. People could end up taking them forever, instead of having a proper meal, and once they are stopped, all the lost weight will come back. They often are little more than just a rip-off to keep people returning to them and asking for more.

No kind of drugs or pills should be part of a credible weight loss programme. Some people will be made to believe that drugs designed to suppress appetite or any kind of diet pills are the answer to their weight problems. Once this is done and people are persuaded, these types of products will be flying off the shelves! People should be aware of their potential danger and nasty side effects as they can never be real replacements for a proper meal or real food to enjoy.

Sweating in the gym and strenuous exercise should not be a must part of a reliable weight loss programme. There is no doubt that regular physical activity should be part of a healthy lifestyle. It dose not mean that people should commit themselves to heavy exercise programme only to quit it shortly. Everybody knows that gym membership and exercise is one the most broken New Year resolution that people fail to keep. It should be pointed out that many naturally slim people do not do heavy exercises in order to keep their desired weight and body shape.

Finally, people’s will power should not come to play a role in any good reliable weight loss programme. A reliable weight loss plan should encourage people to adopt a lifestyle as natural as possible enjoying real food and proper meal for a permanent healthy living and lifestyle they deserve.

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